Thoughts from Exec, Week of 10/23

Brett Cline, President

The OWS protest are drawing an even more diverse group of people together as former soliders join in.

Michael Baharaeen, Vice President

Chris Hedges, a former reporter for the New York Times and prominent progressive thinker, fully encapsulates the sentiment driving the Occupy Wall Street protests in this editorial. Much of his criticism lands at the feet of traditional “liberal institutions” which he chastises for not having had the will and courage to stand up to conventional wisdom over the years. He applauds the protesters for taking on this task, and notes that these liberal institutions – unions, the Democratic Party,, etc. – have no choice at this point but to voice their support for the movement. He believes the left has betrayed the principles it once stood for – skepticism of unfettered free markets, support for universal health care, a demand to the return of our civil liberties – and is at the point of no return. For now, Hedges maintains, our hope lies with the protesters around the world who have those in the establishment shaking in their boots.

A Movement Too Big to Fail

Matt Seyer, Secretary

In the midst of massive problems in the economy, the Republican Congress has repeatedly attempted to steer the national conversation towards abortion, their supposed safe issue.  Many have voiced support for a constitutional amendment that would declare life to begin at conception.  As a woman pointed out to Mitt Romney, however, this is impractical at best and nonsensical at worst, since such legislation would make many popular forms of birth control illegal.  Rachel Maddow invites us to the Man Cave to discuss this.

Rachel Maddow

Alex Witt, Webmaster

One of the primary complaints of Occupy Wall Street participants is the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling. After the emergence of Super PACs that followed recent court cases, political donors are nearly free to give as they choose, with their decisions guided mainly by how they want to direct their money. The New York Times offers a sample of donation goals and the options for achieving them.

A Guide to Political Donations