About Us

Truman State University College Democrats is a political, student run organization that advocates and informs TSU students about Democratic issues facing the nation. As a Democratic organization, we pride ourselves on our progressive nature and promote policies that support change and the betterment of our country.

Our various activities include support for Democratic candidates — at the local, state, and national level –– educating students on the various issues being encountered by our lawmakers, and registering Truman State students to vote. Our weekly meetings often host local politicians whose insights provide opportunities to learn more about Missouri politics.

As a member of the College Democrats of Missouri, we also stay up-to-date with other college democrats from the state. Every spring, we attend a convention in which we discuss Missouri politics, listen to and speak with state politicians, and exchange organization ideas.

We invite all students to join and actively participate in meetings and events. We’re a laid-back organization and encourage new membership –– even if the semester is drawing to a close! If you have any questions or are simply curious about our organization and the work that we do, feel free to contact us or join us for one of our meetings.