Executive Board

Elected Positions

Kiren Macleod, President                         

I’m a Political Science and Communication double major with an English minor. In my spare time, I like to either watch movies and TV shows (I’m currently watching Fargo and catching up on the last few big 2021 Oscar nominees I haven’t gotten to yet) or go hiking (often at Thousand Hills!). I’m also a member of Student Government and Political Science Students’ Association. I love College Dems because it really gives everyone a chance to find a group of people who’ll accept them, while we also all work to help channel each others’ passion for progressive politics into productive outlets.

Contact: ksm7743@truman.edu

DJ Mcinturf, Vice President

I am a Political Science & International Relations and French double major.  I enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, musical theater, reading, and listening to music. I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity! I am so thankful for the professional networking opportunities, campaign and organizing experience, and the fantastic friends, all of which I’ve found thanks to College Dems!

Contact: dpm2475@truman.edu

Mike Owsley, Campaign Coordinator

I am a double major with a BS in Political Science and a BA in Communications (although that may change) and have a minor in Economics. My hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons which is a super cool past time. I also do a lot of reading and dabble in poetry authorship ;). I am also a member of Student Government, College Dems of Missouri, Enactus, am a Truman Leadership Scholar and probably do something else that I haven’t thought of yet. My favorite thing about College Dems is the people! I love hanging out and talking about politics with my friends! Also impacting our community feels good.

Contact: mvo1737@truman.edu

Ethan Kershaw, Treasurer

I am an Interdisciplinary Studies Major: Environmental Economics and Policy. My hobbies include Basketball, environmentalism, and collecting coins. I am also a member of Student Government and Environmental Campus Organization (ECO). My favorite thing about College Dems is getting to meet people who share similar political views and make friends outside my other organizations!

Contact: erk8226@truman.edu

Sarah Keenan, Secretary

I am a Political Science & International Relations and Communication major, with a Spanish minor. I love watching shows, taking trips to Thousand Hills, painting mini-canvases, and hanging out with friends! Besides Dems I am a Student Ambassador, the Treasurer of my sorority, Delta Zeta, a member of the Student Activities Board, and the Pershing Society! My favorite thing about College Dems is being able to interact both politically and socially with individuals whom I respect and can learn from, and getting to grow within the organization and expand my knowledge of the democratic party and politics in general!

Contact: sek3638@truman.edu 

Ella Schnake, Communication Director

I am a Political Science & International Relations and History major, with French and Sociology minors. I enjoy hiking, fantasy football, and theatre in my free time. I also am a certified Zumba instructor and look forward to doing Zumba again once we’re out of the pandemic! I am also in Speech and Debate, Delta Zeta, Student Ambassadors and College Democrats of Missouri. My favorite thing about College Democrats is the people that you get to meet and work with. They are some of the most passionate and supportive people on campus and my Truman experience would not be anywhere near the same without them. They’ve pushed me to become a better advocate, leader, and friend.

Contact: ers6535@truman.edu

Appointed Positions

Grace Rowley, Fundraising Chair

Contact: ger1356@truman.edu

Joshua Grandstaff, Webmaster

Contact: jdg4574@truman.edu